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After all, Harudaki Scans' community is not open to everyone so a lot of people can't read the chapters. We only asked to not upload it on any website, but some . Group Name, Harudaki. IRC, No IRC. Twitter, No Twitter. Facebook, No Facebook. Release Frequency, Occasionally. About every 23 day(s). Number of. Manga Scans · @MangaScans. Updates of new scanlation chapters on Manga- Updates. Joined May

Harudaki Easy Going Scans A group dedicated to awesome manga, manhua and manhwa, and always looking for dedicated staff:).

「Harudaki Scans」. I'm in Love yuri!!! on ice dj 3cloudy mikumo azu yaoi BL boys love mangacaps victuuri viktuuri victor nikiforov katsuki yuuri.

Library. Harebare Kazoku Scans. Book. Amethyst eyes Harudaki. www. Instagram photo by Magic Press Edizioni • Jul 4, at 13am UTC. I joined the Harudaki scanlation group as proofreader and QCer to help them with new releases of Viewfinder by YAMANE Ayano. Our first Viewfinder release, . [+nrt] --'-{@ WeLcoMe TO Harudaki Triggers:!triggers,!list EnJoY yOuR StAy Announcement: SEPTEMBER releases available on icabot and XDCC!.

HARUDAKI SCANLATION GROUP This was one doozy of a learning experience, from figuring out scan settings to cleaning to wrapping my brain around.

I love your scans. Some group decide to be really close group like Harudaki that new member can't access their work at all, because they don't want any post . I can send HIGH RESOLUTION scans only to scanlation gropus. * SAMPLE 6. Say THANK . ENGLISH SCANLATION DONE BY: HARUDAKI. Tags: doujinshi. I uploaded your scans in 2 parts on turboupload for some members who have problems with other servers.

Regarding those Harudaki Lyrics would be interested to take the time to do this in romaji and translate as well, I've put up the scans of the lyrics in YouSendIt. Right after I uploaded this chapter on my cloud, I discovered on Manga Updates that Harudaki Scans had picked up EVERY TEKKEN CHINMI. We Do Miracles Scans . Thanks for scanning and translating all these yaoi's!:) It seems like the group Harudaki is working on it already?.

I found scans of the whole volume on the web. Are these JPN or CHN scans? It seems like the group Harudaki is working on it already?. Chat room #harudaki on IRC network IRCHighWay: Get information about # harudaki's users and topics and start to chat from here!. I am on a search for the harudaki scan group, does anybody have any clues for me to find this group? Thanks!.

So, Yes this is the Harudaki comeback!!! After Youka Nitta sensei comeback:D. Ladies and gentlemen, here 「Haru wo Daiteita - ALIVE」until nowadays.

c.1 Harudaki .1 c Extras Purrfect Scans Alice in Illuminati-Manga Zannen Onna-Kanbu Jokanbu Black General-san v. Scans Rifle Is Beautiful.

mlm. This is a mlm, sex appreciation no fetisation ✌ NSFW 18+ You can send messages. ~Support actual m/m or get away not just.

09/01/ _[Easy Going Scans]H 09/01/ _[Harudaki]Tiger & B.. . 09/01/ _[Harudaki & Fujoshi (showing articles to of. Hi all, My scanlation group - Harudaki (or more exactly, just me) decided to I've gone as far as buying all the books and have a French friend agree to scan them. Kakemakumo, Kashikoki c [foos, Kagerou Scans] . Crimson Spell v - YAMANE Ayano [Nakama, Club Vogue, Celeasdiele, Harudaki].zip Faststore -.

[Haji] Red Hood (c) [JP] · [Haji] Red Hood (c.1) [Eng] {No Plan Scans} · [Haji] Badass (update c) [Eng] · [Haji] Bouzu to Kumo | Buddhist. except Harudaki which is a private group that prefers to share their scan the pages using Google Translate so I can read the Kanji, sigh. Shiuko – (oneshot) ⋆ #Humor #Smut #Yaoi → Fujoshi Bitches & Harudaki Mata, koko kara!! by Nakata Akira – Ch2 ⋆ #Yaoi → NijiNiji Nikubou Scans || Buy.

*My personal scan* ok yaoi fangirls, time for some new Iwaki&Katoh pics! this is my vol.6 cover scan. I think Iwaki's smile is so pretty Enjoy!. Tekken Chinmi Legends, v c, Harudaki · Red Hood, c, Harudaki · Omakase! Peace Denkiten, v c, Harudaki · Kata to Yubisaki, v c, Harudaki. have the chapters of Punch up and Haru Wo Daita scanlated by Harudaki? does any one of you dear friends have High Quality scans for Okane Ga nai vol.

[Harudaki]Darling, Iikagen ni Shiyagare c 1 ▽ 0 [comments] to love scan test darling display: border position absolute oshioki x-cute game. Downloading, reading, or otherwise accessing Harudaki's scanlations shall be .. kindly ask everyone sharing our scans in any format on publicly accessable. Tags: author: geri_chan, manga: harudaki, type: meta .. online references to the nickname, so the link will take you to a scan of the page from the cookbook.

Scan group: Beautiful Soup, Chibitora, DokiDoki, GinRyuu, Swarmnovacoil, . Scan groups: Harudaki, Atlantisdream, Essence of Purity, Hochuuami, Love and . Pairing: Iwaki x Takaaki - Kato x Iwaki (Harudaki) Special Guest: Sakufu Ajimine - Tomomi Uno - Show Kaneda - Satosumi Takaguchi - Kae magazine scans. English. Harudaki · miu. Vol. 3 Ch. 39 - Cat, Mimics. 6 mo ago. English. Obsession · miu. Èrv · Ch. 1. 6 mo ago. English. NijiNiji Nikubou Scans.

Easy Going Scans releases it about every 60 days, Just checked and it looks like it is time for a release. This time .. >Harudaki doing Gaiden. 35p | PG15 Scanned by caelimane 60p | PG15 Scanned by Unknow State: Complete. Tiger #01 by Yamato Zoro/Sanji 41p | PG15 Group: harudaki. 「Harudaki Scans」 4, 1 month ago. 「Harudaki Scans」 4, 1 month ago. 「Harudaki Scans」 jjaaeytumblr.

as soon as the magazine is released ;) for the scanlations,harudaki is still doing it but . Caxyahtic from Golden Shade Scans, Crownprince from Crownprince.

Hero Scans: Tumblr Natsu ni Mebuku . Ikemen Scans: LiveJournal . Harudaki: After School (TORIUMI Youko) c Cupid ni Rakurai (SUZUMARU Minta) c

29 out. After the Pool [+18] Casal: Barnaby x Kotetsu Doujinká: Unko Yoshida (UNKY) Staff: Ryuu e Cronya Scan Gringo: Harudaki.

2 Tháng Bảy Trên Mangaupdates có cập nhật nhóm Harudaki đã dịch xong bộ này luôn, bạn nào có file Eng Scans thì chia sẻ cho Cassie với huhuhuhu.

schierkescans Schierke Scans minhha minhha HARUDAKI SCANLATION GROUP. (C83) [Unky (Unko Yoshida)] Toraman (Tiger & Bunny) [English] {Harudaki} (Chikottsu)] Digitalis no Hokotae (TIGER & BUNNY) [English] [Ikemen Scans]. Sorry abt the scan quality but, that's my scanner for ya. ^^;; Boku no Koe ~ can't wait And this one is for the HaruDaki Premiere CD. Those two are so h-o-t-t-t!!.

Anyone know how to find them? Apparently, they just completed scanlating a manga called "Vampire Kachou" (ヴァンパイア課長) which looks. Whole dedicated teams regularly scan the Internet for new unprotected servers to hijack and use as new bots so that there never is a shortage. Credit: Asclepias Scans, Golden Roze Scans, Webcomics&Scans. *Title: Red Beryl ni Credit: Dangerous Pleasure, Harudaki, Nakama. Title: Three Wolves.

daphira daphira Daphira Scans memory_staff minhha minhha HARUDAKI SCANLATION GROUP. It's a compilation of Migite and HaruDaki just like what chibi_kaida said have the backup scans, let's wait till I meet her again:D *always forgot to tell*. Thanks a million to etonbluesora, for the superb RAW scans Scan, Edit & French scanlation by Rooftop Scenery. .. Group: Harudaki.

Hullo! Welcome to Ruthless Nights Scans! This is a manga scanlation group consisted of two people: Hermina05 and Seer. You're free to download and enjoy .

Exiled Rebels Scans: Tumblr | Website Red Hood (Haji) DL Harudaki: Crimson Spell (Yamane Ayano) c Dakara Rikei ga Kirai da (RIN Teku) c + Extra.

Hello everyone!! Today we have a new project for you!! This time it's a joint with Chrima Scans! Another story about cooking!!! (My Husband's a chef so I'm BIAS!).

Harudaki scans download games. Ssshhhh Koi Hai-Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai-Vikraal Aur Gabraal & Hatim. · February 17, · Pabna, Bangladesh ·.

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